Family Wills, Elder Law & Inheritance Taxes

I consulted with Maureen Farrell on several occasions regarding family wills, elder law and inheritance taxes. I found Maureen to be a true professional in every sense of the word. Her attention to detail, depth and breadth of subject matter knowledge and client attention puts her far ahead of the pack. Her adherence to her professional ethics should be the standard for all to admire and respect. In my nearly forty years as a management consultant, I have found few who matched her level of professionalism.

— Tom Casey

Maureen Is Result Driven

“My family and I have known Maureen for 12 years, In both her personal & professional life Maureen is result driven. Maureen’s creative thinking and keen interest in providing the best legal advice for her clients is evident in her swift problem solving and attention to detail. If Maureen is running a marathon or running down a legal issue, to use a sports analogy, “EVERY DAY IS GAME DAY.” I have and will continue to trust Maureen as a friend and a steward of my family’s legal affairs.”

— Mark D. Zarrilli

Maureen Always Keeps Her Client’s Best Interest in Mind

“I’ve known Maureen for several years. I think she very driven to produce a thorough and excellent product for her clients. Maureen always keeps her client’s best interest in mind. But mostly I find her inspiring. Maureen has inspired me both professionally and personally to always do my best and anything is possible.”

— Andrea St. John, Owner/Court Reporter, A&A Court Reporting

I Found Her Enthusiasm and Thoroughness Infectious

“I have known Maureen Farrell for over ten years and have witnessed her growth from an avid student to professional attorney. During that time, I have had the pleasure of working with her on consulting assignments and programs, and found her enthusiasm and thoroughness infectious. Her ability to juggle her professional work with family life and community involvement is enviable.

“Her professional work is consistently outstanding, with strong written and oral skills to complement her attention to detail. She has a curiosity and thirst for new knowledge that is hard to find today.

“Because of her ethical approach to every situation and her strong sense of integrity, I would recommend Maureen to anyone without qualification.”

— Tom Casey, CMC, CCP, Principal, Business Consulting Services

Maureen Specializes in Being Timely and Efficient

“You can always expect Maureen to look out for your best interest. Maureen specializes in being timely and efficient, while always thinking out side the box. Maureen stays well connected to the community which has been a great asset to have.”

— Sheldon Smith, CEO, Evaporcool LLC

Very Knowledgeable

Here are just a few of the comments from attorneys attending Maureen’s Power of Attorney CLE on August 24 at Jenkins Law Library: “Great program!” “Well presented, good balance of questions.” “Very practical.” “Clear comparison of old and new provisions of the law.” “Very knowledgeable!” “Practice tips were most valuable.”

— Dan Giancaterino

Maureen Is a Woman of Action

“As a third year law student preparing to embark on my career as an attorney, my relationship with Maureen has been extremely valuable. She is passionate, enthusiastic and holds an energy that is infectious and productive. I met Maureen through the Villanova Law School Brehon Irish Law Society chapter, and due to Maureen’s support and encouragement, have since become a member of both the Philadelphia Brehon Law Society and Women in Brehon group. Membership of these organizations has enabled me to expand my networking community and establish numerous professional and personal relationships within the Philadelphia area. Maureen is a woman of action—she takes initiative, is reliable and possesses the rare quality of follow through. I highly recommend and support Maureen’s candidacy for the Board of Governors.”

— Aubrey Barrett