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Peer Review in Modern Health Care

The Narrowing of Peer Review in Modern Health Care

There is little doubt that the way health care is delivered is changing in Pennsylvania. The delivery of service model
Judges Retirement Age

Judges’ Retirement Age Question Stirs Controversy

In addition to electing a new U.S. President, state attorney general and state senator this fall, Pennsylvanians will also need
Hoarding Poses Complex Problems

Hoarding Poses Complex Problems With No Easy Solutions

For those who have ever been to a home where a hoarder is living, it can be quite a shockingly
Race, Gender Played Roles in Disgrace of Famous Men of Color

Race, Gender Played Roles in Disgrace of Famous Men of Color

We all remember, or most of us remember, where we were during the 1994 O.J. Simpson Ford Bronco chase. It
Sustaining Success for Women Lawyers

Sustaining Success for Women Lawyers

Being successful is important to all of us in one way or another, but the ability to maintain success is
Philaelphia Common Man

Datz Has Interests of the Common Man at Heart

When A. Harold Datz made remarks following his acceptance of the PNC Achievement Award, he thanked people, talked about his
American Professor in Russia

American Professor in Russia Shares Experiences Abroad

Most have probably seen “The Sound of Music” at some point in time in their lives. The musical features beautiful
Laquila Italy

Bar Academy Visits Gran Caffè L’Aquila

A devastating earthquake in 2009 that destroyed Stefano Biasini’s and Michele Morelli’s restaurant in their city of L’Aquila, Italy was
Charlie Hebdo

Free Speech, Religious Tolerance Collide in Charlie Hebdo Incident

“Cartoons do not kill people. Humorless fanatics do.” That’s what Signe Wilkinson, editorial cartoonist for the Philadelphia Daily News and
Learn from the Past

Rizzo: Learn From Past, But Move On

“It’s OK to look over your shoulder, but don’t stare.” That was how Judge Annette M. Rizzo began and ended
Rating Sites

Rating Sites Can Boost Practice

With more and more consumers searching for attorneys online, the importance of website and Internet marketing is more important than ever,
Starting Your Own Firm

Panel: Consider Everything Before Starting Own Firm

Starting your own law practice is a risk and involves multiple considerations and layers. It can be a time-consuming and
Civil Rights

50 Years After Civil Rights Act, Progress Sometimes Elusive

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a statute that was intended to end
Keep Technology Simple

Keep Technology Simple in Mediation, Panel Suggests

When using technology in mediation, attorneys should keep animation simple, be credible and not use technology just for the sake
Launch Event

75 Attend WIP Newsletter Launch Event

The Women in the Profession Committee recognized the launch of its first newsletter on Sept. 15 with a celebration held

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